Termites And Homes Don’t Mix

Prevention Is a Better Way of Ensuring Termite Control for a Home
by The Pest Company

Termites require plant fiber and chewed timber to sustain them, and as these food sources are quite often easily found in homes, these pests will make their presence felt in these residential areas. The fact that they chew wood and plants, make them destructive towards the same things that residents in a home need to have for comfortable living. So, it is rather obvious that termites and homes don’t mix.

Termites build nests from mud and soil, elements that are quite often found easily in gardens and around residential areas. They will even build these nests in tree stumps or living trees. Subterranean termites are most common in warmer climates and will travel in mud tubes, which quite often is the first sign of a termite colony or infestation. These need to be removed as soon as they are seen, and the area treated to prevent them coming up again. The use of timbers that are naturally resistant to termites can reduce the chances of termite infestation. Timber can also be treated to give these same resistant properties, and this aspect must be given due importance by a homeowner when furniture or other wooden items are being planned for a home. The periphery and foundation of a home can also be treated with chemicals to ensure that the termites remain far away from the home. Termite colonies noticed in gardens or other soil must be similarly treated and the termites eradicated.

If you are in the process of building a new home, it makes sense to get the foundation, back-fill and ground slab chemically treated, so that it is able to resist termites. Good pest control companies like Gold Coast based The Pest Company will give guarantees for as much as five years and this can allow a homeowner to be assured of a peace of mind, regarding any termite infestation for that period. All the same, damp conditions must be avoided around the home, as this can encourage termite colonies to come up. Make sure that you do not have any wooden items that are in direct contact with soil, especially around foundations. Even if you have treated your home for termite control, it will not come amiss to be constantly on the guard, and look out for signs of termites, like mud tubules. Basements filled with paper cartons create ideal conditions for termites and must be constantly looked at, and treated if necessary. When you are looking to buy property, make termite inspection a chore that must be looked at. 

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