Creative Web Design?

Creative website designs are not necessarily the most profitable. You can have the most beautifully designed website but it doesn’t mean it will make you money. That said, if you really want to have a unique web design, go ahead and hire the best website designers, like Trish Riedel a custom WordPress designs for local Gold Coast clients, but just know that there are risks in involved, meaning you might not get a return on your investment, simply because the rules of website design and conversion are different.

Just what do we mean by this? Read on to find out.

creative web designEye check studies show that whenever men and women examine internet sites, their hot attention moves from the upper left part to the right. This is a shocking fact and one that is critical to your profits. Thus, your web site header should NOT be more than 120 pixels in height. Also, your call-to-action or CTA needs to be under the header or be located on the left-hand side. But you shouldn’t believe us just because we said it. Put some calls to action on your and see for yourself.

If you’re using search engine optimization to promote your website, you should be careful to bring your bounce rate down to less than 30%. Having a high bounce rate can and does affect how well your website ranks on Google for your key phrase. This is because low bounce rates mean your site isn’t a spam site, at least in the eyes of Google.

One way to decrease bounce rates is to pepper your website with related information graphics. You will find free and paid infographic generators in case you don’t know how to make one.