Family Law

The legal system is quite complex, with many different types of law out there. Usually, lawyers specialise in one particular type of law. For instance, many lawyers choose to go into a local family law firm like Save U Legal in Tweed Heads. This broad legal category covers a variety of different topics. The following section looks at some of the main types of cases that are covered under this heading.

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When people decide to end a marriage, they usually have to go through a process known as divorce. This allows them to legally cut ties with one another so that they are no longer considered married. During the divorce process, their property is divided up. Additionally, if they have children, the court will help them decide who gets custody of the children and how often each parent gets to spend time with them.

Child Custody:

Perhaps the most emotional of all of the topics covered by this type of law, child custody involves determining which parent gets custody of the child after a divorce. Sometimes, custody is granted entirely to one parent. In other cases, the couple may granted joint custody where both parents play a role in raising their child. Custody issues can be extremely complex and can be difficult for both the parents and children.


Not all types of cases that are covered under the family law are negative. In fact, many people turn to these types of lawyers to help them with their adoptions. For many people, adopting a child is a lifelong dream. Hiring a lawyer can help ensure that the process goes smoothly so that the adoption goes through without problems.


After a divorce, one spouse may be ordered by the court to provide money to the other in the form of alimony payments. Ensuring that the alimony payments are fair is easier when you work with a good lawyer.


When a woman gets pregnant and has a child, there is sometimes a question about who the father is. Paternity suits are designed to prove that a particular man is the father of a child. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the mother of the child could be suing to get support for the child, or the father of the child could be bringing the case to court to granted parental rights.


Typically, most people get married without the need for a lawyer. However, there are sometimes cases where a lawyer is brought in before marriage. For instance, if the couple plans to have a nuptial agreement, a lawyer can help get all of the paperwork in order and get it filed with the proper authorities.

These are just some of the many types of cases that are covered under the family law. This is a broad category of law that deals primarily with any legal problems related to domestic issues. In essence, if the issue involves a family or relationship, chances are it is covered under this type of law and can be handled by a law firm that specialises in these cases.